State of the Games

Scripting Games

As of Monday at 5pm Pacific time (which is Tuesday morning, 00:00 hours GMT), the 2013 Scripting Games' first event will conclude. That means the first event is open for community voting - so get on it!
Remember, some of the best prizes - including a free pass to the 2014 PowerShell Summit - are reserved for folks who offer their votes and comments.
Incoming new registrations for the Games will not be able to compete in Event 1 at this point, but they can jump in with Event 2 (and subsequent events) if desired.
We presently have 1100 registered participants - which may include people who just signed up to spectate and vote, as well as our judges. 475 are registered in the Beginner track, 307 in Advanced, and 318 are presently view-only (meaning they're just voting, not submitting entries). As I write this, we've only got 218 entries - but there are still a few more hours to get them in.

One Response to " State of the Games "

  1. matttilford says:

    I know my colleague has left it to the last minute. Hopefully his land rover is feeling better this evening so he can finish his script off and submit it in time.