The 2013 Scripting Games–Release the Hero Within !

It’s time to release the Inner Hero within!  Compete online and show your skills!

The 2013 Scripting Games are here! Novice Users, Experts, Hobbyists!  ALL ARE WELCOME!



the Agony of the feet (Oh! Sorry! Socks!)

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The 2013 Scripting Games–See for Details

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About Sean Kearney

"Living the Dream at Microsoft!" A long time ago in a Shell far far away a little guy had a dream, to work at Microsoft. For many years that dream lay by the wayside until his career encountered PowerShell, a technology so cool and easy to use, it made him sing. (Search for Highway to PowerShell and you'll see how badly ;) ) Once encountering PowerShell his career jumped from being a field technician, to working for a Fortune 15 Healthcare corporation, to working for a Microsoft BlackBelt Partner in Ottawa and working with Ed Wilson for many years on the Scripting Blog ... to his dream, handed down from the lands of Microsoft on the day his Dad passed on. A gift from beyond. So to those of you that think dreams don't happen. Think again. PowerShell changed this little person and it will change you too.