Announcing the PowerShell Summit North America 2014

PowerShell Summit

The PowerShell Summit North America 2014 will be held April 28, 29, and 30 at the Meydenbauer Center on Northeast 6th Street in Bellevue, WA.
Your membership in the PowerShell Summit also makes you a yearlong member of, the online hub for the PowerShell community. Membership includes a daily continental breakfast, daily hot lunch, and three tracks of expert-led lectures and discussions. 2014 tracks include:

  • INTERNALS: Inner secrets of PowerShell, suitable for developers and admins alike.
  • DEEP DIVES: Dig into technically rich topics related to the shell itself and broad administrative tasks.
  • DOMAIN SPECIFIC: Focus on managing specific server products and technologies using the shell.
[NB: For tax reasons, you become a "member" of the organization and go to our meeting as part of that; we don't sell "tickets."] Pricing will range from $750-$950. We'd originally hoped to do a flat price, but the logistics of our venue is pushing this decision. So we'll be offering discounted tickets first, and then moving up the price as we go. Get in early to get the cheap seats!
If you choose to stay at one of our official hotels, you'll enjoy a reduced room rate, complimentary in-room Internet, and a short 15-minute walk to the Meydenbauer Center. We recommend taking a shuttle from the airport ( $20oneway; taxis $65+) instead of a rental car; parking is NOT complimentary.
NEARBY HOTELS include: Sheraton (, Hilton (, and Red Lion ( All are adjacent to each other and are a .6 mile walk to the Meydenbauer Center. Courtyard by Marriott ( is across the street from the Meydenbauer Center. We do not yet have official room availability and rates.
These hotels are also less than a 4-minute taxi ride (under $5oneway) to downtown Bellevue, full of retail, dining, bars, and nightlife. You will probably spend MORE on a rental car (around $100 best-case, plus parking fees and fuel).
We will have a small-bandwidth Internet pipe available for WiFi use at the conference center. We recommend that you NOT rely on it for mission-critical or business-sensitive tasks, as it is a shared pipe and will likely have poor performance during peak usage.
We are not currently planning to offer power outlets in rooms. You may NOT stretch power cords across walkways to plug in your laptop. We are seeking out a Power Sponsor - the cost to have enough power for everyone's laptop is about $20,000 (it's one way conference centers make their profits), so this is a significant expense.
We are planning a brief private meet-and-greet reception for, Inc. shareholders. We are also planning general evening events.
MEMBERSHIP SALES WILL BEGIN IN JULY with a private announcement to our 2013 alumni and our shareholders. After that, we will offer a block of memberships to our TechLetter subscribers. These folks will have first dibs not only on the event, but also on our limited block of nearby and discounted hotel rooms. We will release subsequent blocks in 2013 and 2014 for the public.
FULL DETAILS will always be available online at (this will redirect to the appropriate page for information and news).
UPDATE: I know there's a bit of disappointment that we're not "on campus." First... understand that we were a little under-the-radar in 2013, in terms of outside groups doing what we did in those particular locations. We also need to grow the event a bit in order to make it financially self-sustaining. And, the real clincher, no place "on campus" could accommodate us. However, "campus" (this is why I keep putting it in quotes) spans Redmond and Bellevue - we're actually adjacent to Microsoft offices, in 2014, and we're scheduling an evening event (community/team mixer, with team Q&A stations) in MS facilities. We'll also try to wrangle a company store/museum visit (there's a company Connector Shuttle that runs to Commons, which is where the store and museum are located). Most importantly, our location will ensure team participation - which is what doing this in the Seattle metro was all about. In fact, we're planning expanded team participation, with the addition of team-led "lightning demos" that will highlight cool features and tricks, and which will be a prelude to that evening's community/team mixer (so you can ask follow-up questions in smaller groups). So... given all of the possible alternatives, we felt this was the best solution. After all, the main session content is just you sitting in a room - shouldn't matter where that room is. The big thing for us is the team engagement, and the opportunity to do fun stuff on campus, and we think we've got that nailed. More to come.

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