As Event 3 gets underway, here are some Event 2 stats…

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Event 3 will be open for entries in about ten minutes, but I thought I'd share some Event 2 information. Keep in mind that Event 2 is open for voting until the 14th, GMT.
Our Beginner Track had 120 entries this time, while the Advanced had 124. That contrasts with 165 and 159 from Event 1 - a perfectly normal falloff that's occurred during every edition of past Games. Folks get busy, maybe get discouraged, but we're keeping right on the trendline.
Voting is down... that happens, too, as the thrill of event 1 falls off. We had 3,966 Beginner votes and 2,775 Advanced votes in Event 1; so far we've gotten 1,446 Beginner and 1,131 Advanced in Event 2. Of course, we still have almost a week of voting left to go in Event 2, and in Event 1 we took a lot of votes up to the last minute.
The good news is that Event 2's votes have, so far, included a much higher percentage of comments. Event 1 Beginner has about 55% comments, while Advanced had 58%. In Event 2, Beginner is tracking to 63%, while Advanced is at 59%. Good job, guys - those comments are a big help. As you know, we've also put up some general guidelines to help keep everyone on the same page with what the score levels mean, so hopefully that's helping, too.
Something's sure helping. The average score in Event 1 Beginner was 2.5585, and Advanced 2.3870. Event 2 is up a notch, at 2.6957 and 2.6631. That's a 5% jump in Beginner scores and over 11% jump in Advanced scores. I know, people are tough on the scoring. And in some cases, I'm seeing comments that indicate the comment author had some misunderstandings. That's okay - it's an opportunity for us all to learn together, especially after the Games complete and we can start diving into this mess of data.
I hope you're already to start on Event 3! Our fastest entry so far is just over 51 minutes, and I might be saving some special prizes for the overall fastest entry (don't worry - I'm going to look at it to make sure it's decent).
May the Games be Ever in Your Fav... ugh, sorry. Don't know where that came from. Good luck!

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  1. I have to be honest that as someone who has been writing PowerShell code since it was known as Monad..pretty much by myself (attended my first PowerShell conference last year…after coding professionally at a fortune 500 company in PowerShell for the past 6 years) that I’ll be the first to admit now that I had scored some incorrectly early on based on some of my misunderstandings (honestly wish I could have change how I scored some prior to event closing), but as a result of these games I’ve already taken what I’ve learned ( A LOT ) and applied it to automation processes that I’m currently working on (and in my mind reworking past projects that are in production). Basically this event has been a HUGE benefit for me and I’ll be making sure my peers that are learning PowerShell participate in next years event just for the learning aspect alone.
    TLDR; Thanks for hosting these games. My skills have grown exponentially as each event takes place. 🙂