Changes in Scripting Games Displays

Scripting Games

I want to point out some changes that are being made to the Games:
Effective immediately, entry author names and current scores will not be shown for events that are still open for new votes. This is intended to help ensure everyone submitting a score isn't influenced by other people. I've seen a bit of ganging-up that I'd rather not see.
Archived events - those completely closed and for which prizes have been awarded - will display full information, including user names of comment authors.
The new event viewer, which is currently under development, will display comment author names. These will be visible to an entry's author immediately, and to the public once the event is no longer open for voting.
Entry authors: This means you won't be able to see your score while it's still open for voting, unless you use the new beta viewer (which I'll be wrapping up this weekend).

4 Responses to " Changes in Scripting Games Displays "

  1. luesec says:

    Like it!
    Trank you Don.

  2. matttilford says:

    I like the changes, but i can still see the crowdscore on mine (both Chrome and IE) once you open an entry.

    • DonJ says:

      The intent is that an author can ALWAYS see score and comments for their own entries, even when voting is ongoing. I’m also continuing to code on the new UI – and sometimes I have to turn stuff “on” so I can make sure it’s working, even though it “shouldn’t” be normally seen. That’s going to continue to happen until I’m done, so no sense warning me about it until next week sometime :).

  3. Adam Funck says:

    The new changes are brilliant. Good job