Meet the Scripting Games Judges


I can honestly say that the interactions that I’ve had with the PowerShell community over the past five years have been some of the most fulfilling. There is something to watching someone learn to script. Some plateau artificially mainly because they don’t want to leave the GUI. Often they’re forced into learning PowerShell and stubbornly go into trying to learn as little as possible. If you competed this year you do not fall into that category. You fall into the category that I love working with Talented Specialist that we watch graduate from good to great. I’m happy to invite this year’s class into “the club”.
For everyone else I have an invitation. If you would like to know what makes a good script great and will be in New Orleans next week for TechEd 2012 NA, then please join the judges of the Scripting Games as we do a public Code review. Simply put we’ll take a script and as a group discuss what makes it good and bad. We’re calling it best practices for the real word, but you’ll see it listed in the directory under BOF-ITP23.

One Response to " Meet the Scripting Games Judges "

  1. JBLewisMN says:

    That was a great session at TechEd, and I’m relieved that I was wrong about claiming ownership of the entry you so disliked. While /1mb and /1gb are perfectly good, for reasons I still can’t explain, I chose to go the route of [math]::pow()
    Thanks again!