More Updates to the Scripting Games

Scripting Games

I've been making some more programming changes to the Scripting Games, based on folks' feedback. If you run into problems, please notify me via the Feedback Forums link at the bottom of every page on the site. Use the email address provided. Don't post a comment here, because I might not see it quickly.

  • Multiple comments per reviewer - you can now leave multiple comments on an entry. Combined with the ability to mark your comment as pertaining to a line or range of lines, this should allow for more granular commenting.
  • Comment without voting - you are now free to offer comments without offering a score.
  • Delete comments - you can now delete the comments you have written.

I'm still plugging away at some IE9/10-related errors, which are causing the code reviewer/voter/commenter to not display on some entries. In the meantime, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox seem to be working fine.

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