People Who are Blogging About the 2013 Scripting Games

Scripting Games

I'm sure that most people can easily find any of the blogs of the official judges from the 2013 Scripting Games. I recommend reading those blogs whether you're competing in the scripting games or not since there's a wealth of great information contained in them. The best place to find those blogs if you don't know already is the Judges Notes section under the Scripting Games area on so there's no reason to duplicate them here.
There are also a number of people who are competing in the Scripting Games that are writing blog articles of their own blog sites. A couple of the ones that I'm aware of are listed below and while they're my competition in the advanced class and have links promoting their Scripting Games entries in their blogs (I do the same thing),  I don't mind promoting their blog articles because there's some great information to be found in them. I'm actually glad they provided links to their entries because both of these guys are excellent PowerShell scripters and you could learn a lot from viewing their Scripting Games entries. Ultimately the scripting games is all about the community learning more about using PowerShell best practices in a friendly competition that's just for fun. Click here to be redirected to the original post of this article on the author's blog site where you can read the remainder of the article.

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