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If you'd like a quick peek at something, log into the Scripting Games Web site, and go look at the entries in Event 1. Your URL should look like this:
Change it to this:
This is the new viewer I'm building. It isn't rigged up to accept votes or comments, yet, but I'm working on that. It's being developed for Firefox; I'll test the other major browsers once it's a bit more complete. This is under development, so it may be offline or unreliable. Don't tell me about it - I'm already working on it <grin>.
You can probably use this on Event 2 as well. The voting and commenting should be working. Note that you must vote before you can comment, and right now it'll only accept one comment per person. That will probably remain the case for the current iteration of the Games based on some back-end dependencies. However, you CAN tie a comment to a particular line number or range of lines, and when viewing the comment it'll highlight those lines. It's pretty neat, I think.
Oh, and I know the coloring on block comments is wonky. I need to dive into the color-er's regexes and see if I can tweak that. Any regex wizards who want to volunteer to help with that, drop me a line. Right now the PowerShell syntax in the color-er is a little primitive. Actually, there are probably several regexes we could add to this to spruce up the listings.
And yes, I know the comments now show the author's user name. That's been a big back-and-forth. I'm not a huge fan of anonymous commenting, and right now it's just your username anyway. Hopefully nobody said anything truly offensive simply because they thought they were anonymous :).
Back to work.

6 Responses to " Scripting Games beta entry viewer "

  1. matttilford says:

    Not sure if you are working on it, but the visible usernames have once again given another output to emails as usernames.

    • DonJ says:

      Ugh. Thanks. I REALLY wish people’d not used their e-mails.

      • matttilford says:

        I’ll take a wild guess that you’ll be blocking that next year. Probably easier than chasing it down every time you develop a new feature. You know, filter left at the start 😉

  2. matttilford says:

    Hopefully i’m not bugging too much, but i found a weird bug. Some comments are being duplicated. At first i thought it was just a display bug so wouldn’t mention it, but when you look at taygibbs event 1 you can see not only duplicates, but different scores on the ones from colin.

    • DonJ says:

      I’m still *really actively working on the code* – so while you’re welcome to peek, you don’t need to provide feedback at this stage. You’re not seeing bugs – you’re seeing me working :). Sometimes I have to toss in some extra code to try something and it’ll result in that until I undo it.

    • DonJ says:

      Actually, I think you’re just seeing normal duplication. It’s possible because it’s handled via AJAX – the server will get two clicks on different threads at the same time. We leave those in the database in case there’s something valuable in one, but for back-end prize awarding and ranking we de-dupe and keep the higher score. I’ve been looking into ways to eliminate it, but it’s tough when you’ve got two parallel web requests being processed, and I didn’t want to just arbitrarily delete one. It means the score YOU see is less than 100% accurate, but that’s always the case. We disregard 1-star votes with no comment, for example, and have a bunch of other criteria that can get a vote disregarded – but YOU don’t see that, at this stage.