Scripting Games Event 2 Winners

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We're pleased to announce the winners for Event 2 of The Scripting Games 2013!
Winners: You can log into The Scripting Games Web site and go to your Profile page to see your prize. You will be given a prize redemption code and either a URL where you can redeem it, or an e-mail address of the prize provider (they will need the redemption code). All prizes must be claimed by the end of July 2013. I will list winners by username; if you used your e-mail address as your username, then a portion of that will be truncated for your privacy. Anyone can log in and check their Profile page to see if they've won a prize.

  • Event 2 Beginner First Place: kurtdg (free ebook from Manning)
  • Event 2 Beginner Second Place: JayJay (6 months video training from Interface)
  • Event 2 Beginner Third Place: wesleyhaut (1 year of Phoneominal from Start-Automating)
  • Event 2 Advanced First Place: _Emin_ (free ebook from Manning)
  • Event 2 Advanced Second Place: mikefrobbins (6 months video training from Interface)
  • Event 2 Advanced Third Place: SimonW (1 year of Phonenominal from Start-Automating)
  • Event 2 Beginner Top CrowdScore: taygibb (free ebook from Manning)
  • Event 2 Advanced Top CrowdScore: mikefrobbins (free ebook from Manning)

These are now listed on our consolidated list of winners, which includes links to the winning entries.
Our CrowdScore winners get a selection of free ebooks from Manning, 1 month of video training from Interface, and $50 gift cards from SAPIEN; 1 prize per winner.

  • CrowdScore Voter: SimonW
  • CrowdScore Voter: khopcroft
  • CrowdScore Voter: markashley1961
  • CrowdScore Voter: kbrucej
  • CrowdScore Voter: kraanr
  • CrowdScore Voter:

Congratulations to all of our winners! Note that our top three prizes in each category were awarded by our Mighty Panel of Celebrity Judges. Each judge nominated a first, second, and third place winner from the entries that our expert commentators identified as "best." Those nominations were compiled, and in the event of a tie the earliest entry was deemed winner.

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