Want a premier PowerShell class in your area next year? Help me make it happen.


We're putting together our schedule for 2014 (yes, already), and we're looking to hold premier-level PowerShell master classes throughout the world. But... we need your help.
If you've got a really top-notch training center in your area that might be interested in working with us, contact me. We'll need the name of someone there - the training manager, the marketing manager, someone like that. We co-market our classes, but rely on a local center to market to their existing customer base as well. These are premium classes, and they do go for a premium price, so the center has to be comfortable marketing that kind of class. We're not the run-of-the-mill "official curriculum;" my Master Class packs in around eleven days of "normal" training, covering toolmaking, scripting, and advanced topics as well as the introductory-level stuff. 

International contacts are fine, and in fact it's something I'm excited to get going, as international classes also help me set up future PowerShell Forum and PowerShell Saturday events in a country or region.
So think about your area and see if we might be a fit, and if you've got a really top-notch training center you can put us in touch with!

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