Your Weekend Games Report

Scripting Games

It’s been a crazy-busy week for me, so I’m just getting caught up here. I’m off observing the beta-teach of the new 10961A PowerShell 3 class in Phoenix next week, but I’ll be keeping an eye on the Games.
So let’s run some numbers.
The Games have 2092 users at present, along with 10960 scores and 5412 comments. There are 849 total entries.
Regarding Event 3, we have 109 Advanced entries and 122 Beginner entries. The average beginner score is 2.8416, and the advanced score is 2.8512. Darn close.
Site traffic is up to 25,000 visits from 18,200 unique visitors, for a total of 56,000 page views and a poo-load of bandwidth. I should have Event 3 winners posted on Tuesday sometime.

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