A special presentation on getting started with PowerShell

Microsoft will be broadcasting a live special presentation – one that can’t be missed by anyone learning and using PowerShell. In fact, they will be broadcasting two events, which I will explain – but here is why you can’t miss them.

  1. On July 18th in a live broadcast – The inventor of PowerShell, Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover, along with myself, will be taking you through the ins-and-outs of using PowerShell for real-time problem solutions and automation.
  2. There will be a second presentation in August going further into scripting, automation and building tools (cmdlets) – solutions to hand to other admins, helping them to solve problems.
  3. It will be the most fun way to spend the day and learn more about PowerShell then you thought possible.

This is a great time to get your IT staff together and learn PowerShell. Even if you already know how to use PowerShell – why not get the rest of your friends involved? This will be a high speed for IT Pro only presentation. Yes, it will be recorded, but you really want to show up in the live broadcast so you can ask questions directly to Jeffrey, the inventor of PowerShell.

Jeffrey and I have crafted a great presentation for you – you can’t miss this!

(For me this is a great honor to sit across from the master, and you certainly don’t want to miss the possibility of me screwing up!  Here are the details:)

Getting Started with PowerShell 3.0

July 18, 2013

9:00am – 5:00pm (PDT)


As a side note:

I’ve been honored to teach PowerShell to hundreds of Admins over the last couple of years using Don Jones’ book “Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches” – both versions 2 and 3 – published by Manning Publications (www.manning.com). He and Jeff Hicks updated it to version 3 and I’m sure they will also update it to version 4. I also have been teaching a variety of versions of Don’s “Toolmaking,” now published as “Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches” (from the same publisher) by Don and Jeff Hicks.

The success rate for admins learning PowerShell, learning how to solve problems, then automating and building tools (cmdlets) has been astounding. Working with Don on these topics and classes has been one of the highlights of my career.

Don also wrote the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) for PowerShell (course 10961) based on his (and Jeff’s) first “Lunches” book. I again was honored to be able to teach the first beta class, and the students left the class with an amazing ability to really use PowerShell to solve their everyday business problems.

It’s now a career dream to be able to deliver this same information – very fast-paced and specifically for the IT Pro – in a video series with the inventor of PowerShell, Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover. In two events (each consisting of a full day) Jeffrey and I will take you through everything you need to know to be immediately effective (that’s one of Don’s signature design goals) with PowerShell, both in real-time and in building tools (cmdlets) for other admins.

You don’t want to miss this!

Knowledge is PowerShell,


About Jason Helmick

Jason is a 30-year IT veteran and PM on the @PowerShell_Team @Microsoft. He’s an avid supporter of the PowerShell/DevOps community and former founder and CFO of PowerShell.Org. He is also a former MVP award recipient and focuses on automation and configuration management. He has authored and co-authored several books on PowerShell, MS Exchange and IIS and including related discussions on the Microsoft Virtual Academy, Lynda and Pluralsight.

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