As The Scripting Games Wrap Up…

Scripting Games

We've still got, oh, about 48 hours or so for Event 6 submissions, and then of course voting and judging. But I wanted to take a second and let you know what this year's Games looked like:
We've logged over 1,100 entries. Almost 13,000 votes. More than 6,700 comments. That's a lot - and it'll all be archived once the final votes are tallied and prizes awarded. There will be ZIP files of entries for each track and event, and I encourage you to download them over the Summer - we won't necessarily archive them permanently.
We've seen an enormous range of techniques and approaches, and generated hundreds of learning notes across more than a dozen active expert commentators. We've awarded - with some yet to be handed out - thousands of dollars worth of prizes.
This is also a good time to start collecting general feedback on the Games, so feel free to drop into our official post-mortem thread and offer your feedback. Read the introductory post in that thread before you post, please. I'm asking for a specific feedback format at this time, although you're always welcome to open your own thread if you have something specific or off-format you want to offer. I ask only that you keep things constructive and professional.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Games. We're formulating our next event, so stay tuned.

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  1. Don,
    It looks like the thread is locked or something. In either Chrome or Firefox I’m not able to enter any text in the post mortem section to comment.

    • DonJ says:

      Try doing a shift+refresh? OTher folks have left replies and I haven’t modified the post’s status…