Calling all PowerShell Teachers/Trainers


I'm in the process of building a referral list for teachers and trainers who work with Windows PowerShell. My goal is to build a "find a trainer" page here on, with the ability for prospective clients to send an inquiry via email. This would be for customers seeking private classes, not for individual students seeking a class.
If you'd like to be on the list, please send me an email, or use the "Contact" page under the "Site Info" menu here on Please provide an email address that referrals can be sent to; you'd receive the potential client's contact information directly and would work with them directly - I'm not looking to act s middleman or agent, and there are no referral fees. We won't be providing pricing information or anything other than a means of connecting clients and trainers.
You can also provide a link to your Web site, if you have one, preferably a page that describes your PowerShell training offering(s).

One Response to " Calling all PowerShell Teachers/Trainers "

  1. Hi Don,
    I am working as a SQL Server DBA in a well known IT company and very enthusiastic in powershell scripting.
    I love to automate my daily tasks in Windows and SQL Server. .
    Have created a tool too in my environment for analysing health of Windows and various parameters of SQL Server.
    Please let me know any more information needed on this regard,
    You can reach out to me in [email protected]
    I do not have a website… 🙂
    -Vishnu Gupthan