Come to PowerShell Summer School!

Through my company Concentrated Tech, I’ve decided to run a set of three PowerShell Summer School classes (click that link for descriptions). These will be a combo of self-study and weekly online sessions, designed to teach Toolmaking, Practical applications of PowerShell, or how to teach PowerShell in a lunch ‘n’ learn style format. Registration is open from now until August 1st, and you’ll also get a discount on some great SAPIEN products to use during class, if you like.
The Toolmaking class will also prepare you for PowerShell VERIFIED EFFECTIVEâ„¢ certification, if you’ve been considering that.
Two of the classes will incorporate group code reviews of student assignments, to help improve your style; the third will include mock delivery sessions to help polish your delivery skills. All will include a private Q&A forum where you can ask questions both of me and of your fellow students while you’re in the self-stufy phase. Classes will meet online, on Wednesdays, for six weeks through August and September.
Planning a vacation in the middle of summer school? It’s fine – we can schedule a make-up online session when you get home. I’m also willing to try and make other accommodations to help make this an effective learning experience for everyone.
All of these classes assume a basic level of PowerShell knowledge, although you’ll get plenty of review material to help you catch up, or dredge up old memories from when you last tried to learn the shell.
Tell a friend, tell a colleague – I don’t do these kinds of offerings all that often; my travel schedule usually precludes it. But a fortuitous schedule has made it possible, so consider taking advantage!

2 Responses to " Come to PowerShell Summer School! "

  1. Hi, really looking forward to this. I have signed up for the toolmaking class. As I cannot afford the PowerShell studio software should I use the trial version or stay with the ISE interface?

    • Don Jones says:

      The trial is fine. It’s 45 days, so just don’t install it until we come to the bit where you need it. The ISE is fine for the beginning of the class.