MVA PowerShell Jumpstart 2 Scripts for Aug 1st.

If you are joining Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover and Myself for the second PowerShell Jumpstart – then grab these scripts if you want to follow along.

These are learning scripts that will be used throughout the presentation for demonstration purposes.

MVA Jumpstart 2 Scripts

See ya Aug 1st!


About Jason Helmick

Jason is a 30-year IT veteran and PM on the @PowerShell_Team @Microsoft. He’s an avid supporter of the PowerShell/DevOps community and former founder and CFO of PowerShell.Org. He is also a former MVP award recipient and focuses on automation and configuration management. He has authored and co-authored several books on PowerShell, MS Exchange and IIS and including related discussions on the Microsoft Virtual Academy, Lynda and Pluralsight.

13 thoughts on “MVA PowerShell Jumpstart 2 Scripts for Aug 1st.

  1. Richard Garrow

    The course is great, I learned a lot and you have both helped me along. You guys made sense in you teaching which is not easy teaching technical information. I know a lot of the younger guys and gals pick this up quite easy, I did when I was younger. So for someone in there late 50’s to get it, you did a great job..
    I would love to see some more. I know this might sound hard to understand but the explaining of the different conditional statements would be a really big help. eg:
    I guess what I am looking for a is more of an in depth, or explaining and examples, of how to use where to use them, and when to use or not to use them. I hope this makes sense. I know and have seen nested Foreach-object used in scripts.
    I have also noticed that foreach-object does it one way and foreach does it another way..
    Ok thanks again guys it is great that you are giving us your time to help us learn and it is free. I can watch them over and over again till the light bulb comes on.. LOL

  2. Windows LiveUser106

    Hey guys,
    Absolutely fantastic learning experience. I have been mucking around with Powershell for the past 3 years or so.Generally when I coded it was to improve a process, or add some bit of automation. What I liked is how you guys showed all the valid reasons to be scripting, such as “saving time, adding that time up which would essentially be time you saved yourself and the company, thereby increasing your total value”.
    However whenever I coded something it was very primitive in its layout, code was executed in a very “linear” fashion as if it was a .bat, however with the knowledge you offered here, it just makes life SO EASY!
    Kudos to Jeffrey and Jason, extremely brilliant presenters and I thank you guys for taking out the time to benefit the community. You will be seeing me a LOT more on and hopefully I can contribute and help out as well πŸ™‚
    Thanks guys, keep up the knowledge sharing

  3. Darren Silsbury

    Not an easy subject to cover, but you guys nailed it. Could have been so so boring but the enthusiasm and banter kept me interested enough to get to the end of both courses. And that’s saying something!

  4. Chetan Girme

    Hello Jason and The Jeffrey,

    I had a drift in my carrier and was out of synch with Windows / command prompt commands.
    After viewing this jump start and learning so much that I don have enough words to express, but wish to say this as The Jeffrey did say “Windows is fun again”.

    Thank you, thank you so much.

  5. Ellen Lennie

    I had no idea exactly how much I could do with Powershell and the Jumpstarts set me off to a flying start learning how to use it, in spite of them being 3 years old.

    Only downside is explaining to my boss why I mutter chi-hooah-hooah and binky at my screen without sounding crazy!

  6. Peter Marsh

    I have set my execution policy to “remotesigned” but Jason’s test scripts will not run: “script is not digitally signed”
    What am I doing wrong?
    Peter Marsh

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