PowerShell Summit… EUROPE?!?!?

I have received a lot of interest in a PowerShell Summit Europe, and we are starting to look at doing one in 2014. I know that's a long way off, but it takes time to put these together when everyone's volunteering that time!
I have put together a very short survey to see if there is any consensus on where such an event might be held. The survey is online now and ready for your opinions. Please forward this to your colleagues and co-workers, as well - we would really like a variety of opinions. If you want to tweet about it, Facebook it, or anything else to help us get a broad perspective, it would be much appreciated.
I must note that this event will be in English, as it is meant to be a pan-European event that involves as many different folks as possible. We are not attempting to hold a more regional, culture-specific event - some of those already exist (I'm aware of one in Germany, for example), and they do a better job serving their local market (which can be quite large) than we could ever do. We are trying to fill a different need, which is more along the lines of a very miniature TechEd Europe, which brings as many different folks together as possible. Hopefully we will achieve that goal.
Thank you for your time and input!

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