Seeking Editor for TechLetter


The TechLetter goes out once a month, and we're looking for an editor to take over the task of building each monthly issue.
You'll need some basic HTML knowledge, and ideally will have a decent HTML editor. Not FrontPage. You'll be given articles in both HTML and Word format, and will need to insert those into a master HTML document and (especially in the case of Word), fix the formatting. You'll have plenty of examples from past issues to work with. Eventually, you'll also schedule the mid-month mailing.
It all takes a few hours once you have the monthly materials in hand, and you'll usually have at least a week to do assembly and mailing. You'll be helping us deliver technical content to a growing audience of more than 3,500 IT professionals and PowerShell enthusiasts!
If you're interested, contact me. Your pay will be double what I'm currently paid to do this. Which is, sadly, nothing.

One Response to " Seeking Editor for TechLetter "

  1. matttilford says:

    On the plus side, at least the pay isn’t half of what you are getting paid now. That would just cause horrible errors.