A Quick #PowerShell #PSHSummit Update (Europe & NA)

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PowerShell Summit North America 2014, April 28-30 (special precon on April 27) is open for registration to our 2013 alumni, shareholders, and to TechLetter subscribers. The alumni block will be released on August 15, and the subscriber block on September 15th; shortly after, sales will be open to the public. If you're a shareholder, alumni, or subscriber, and you didn't get your registration in e-mail, drop me a line (use the Contact link in the Site Info menu). Please only contact me if you're anxious to register right now, so I don't get swamped.
North America will be in Bellevue, WA, adjacent to Microsoft offices up there; we will investigate a move East for the 2015 show, just to perhaps spread the love a bit. We know SEA isn't the cheapest travel destination.
North America's call for topics should start fairly soon, and that information will be posted here, along with information on how to submit prospective sessions. I won't be taking the lead on that process, but some of my fellow Board members will be, so watch for their posts.
PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 is being tentatively scheduled for September or October 2014. Our city shortlist includes Munich, Milan, and Amsterdam; we're too far out at this point to make inquiries with prospective venues (they usually work only 8-12 months out), but we've assembled a list to contact over the next couple of months. Venue pricing and availability (and suitability) will be a significant set of factors in the final city selection, and we'll post details right here.
You'll notice a "PowerShell Summit" post category here on PowerShell.org; that's your one and official source for news and info, with our Summit Page being your one and official source for more static information on both events. You can follow @PSHSummit on Twitter, which will be a good way to receive notifications of new posts here, but which will not contain any information not available on this site. We also try to hashtag #PSHSummit on Twitter, if you'd like to watch out for that.

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