My PowerShell Workflow Series on TechNet Magazine

PowerShell for Admins

As most folks are aware, I've been writing the Windows PowerShell column for Microsoft's TechNet Magazine for... wow, going on 7 years now. For 2013, I was doing a serialized column on PowerShell Workflow, introducing a bit of the technology at a time in each month's article. Eagle-eyed observers will note that the series has "paused," with no new articles in July or August.
First, I'm sorry for the interruption. Unfortunately, right now Microsoft is re-evaluating and re-positioning TechNet Magazine (perhaps in line with a larger re-considering of the TechNet brand, where they recently discontinued the subscription product), and for the time being the company is sticking with internally generated content for TechNet Magazine. I'm hopeful the company will come to a decision soon, and I'll try and keep you posted here.
My past columns (all 77 of them) are still online and accessible, along with hundreds of other articles stretching back almost 8 years.

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