New Visual Design Draft, Pt 2


Spoke too soon in the morning's updates; my designer buddies worked last night and took their first stab at the forums pages. They also changed their mind about the big black boxes, which I appreciate ;). The forums material is denser now, meaning more info per page, which should please some folks.
Samples below - and comments welcome. Just keep in mind these folks aren't being paid, so be nice ;).
new-forum-list new-single-topic new-topic-list new-article new-article-comments new-front
Whatcha think? They said they're tweaking the smaller-screen version still, but I'll update this post and add those examples once they're ready. I know getting the forums working on a smartphone is something people have kvetched about, but it's fairly tricky. They said they might just end up not making a smartphone version, but instead focus on dropping unnecessary elements and letting the phone scale the page. The text input box is apparently giving them a lot of grief when it's sized too small. Anyway...

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