Site Maintenance this Weekend (Aug 17-18 2013)


This weekend, we’ll be conducting maintenance on We have several goals:
New visual theme. We’ll be installing a new visual theme. While we hope to catch everything, you may run across something goofy-looking. Please use the Community Discussion forum to report that, so we can ask the designers to take a look.
Performance. We’re going to continue to work on performance, with a goal of getting specified pages to have an “A” on the Page Test and YSlow tests. That’s not the entirety of performance, but it’s what we can address now without moving to a different hosting environment (which is planned). During this phase of our maintenance, the site may not function correctly, or certain features may come and go as we test different configurations.
Cleanup. We’ll be condensing certain features of the site, rearranging menus, and so on, to provide a better visual experience across a wider variety of devices.
We appreciate your patience!

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