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Episode 241 - PowerScripting Podcast - Microsoft PFE Matthew Reynolds on the Windows Performance Toolkit

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Matthew Reynolds about the Windows Performance Toolkit



Guests - Matthew Reynolds


Chatroom Buzz-

<9MikeKline> ##Can you ask Matt does he ever use the PAL tool to monitor performance?

<6smurawski> ##Have you found a good way for monitoring ETL streams in a live fashion?

<11ScriptWarrior> ## So could you use the same tools to perf SVCHOST.exe

<11MikeFRobbins> ## ask him about his chapter in the powershell deep dives book

<0logicaldiagram> ## is Win Perf Recorder a replacement for DebugDiag?

<4Vern_Anderson> ##did you use -NoProfile sitych?

<11ScriptWarrior> ## isn't that called a blog?

<13Stuwee> ## Can you do that in AD LDS?

<11ScriptWarrior> ## So how do you get the latest version of Entity Framework?

<8Llewta_> ### Show Note:  vBrownBag kicks off "Automate all the Things" series next Wednesday Night.  Go to for details

<8Llewta_> ###  We'll have Alan Renouf, Luc Dekens, and Andre Leibovici presenting on powercli topics

<0Jaykul> ## ehy it's pro!

<13Stuwee> ## Jon, please keep this part of the broadcast part of the full podcast recording.






<halr9000> h



<ScriptingWife> bbnetman

* logicaldiagram


<halr9000> not this:










<Jaykul> PSCX is binary, this one is using lots of modules too ;)

<Jaykul> that's what will fix

<Jaykul> if you don't believe me that it will work, try running \\\Modules\Install

<Jaykul> to be clear, is all about modules


<ToddKlindt> Stuwee, you can find out about it at

<ToddKlindt> I've got the old recordings. Live at Monday nights at 8:30 Central.


The Question -

  • Teleportation
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