My New PowerShell Video Series, Covering v2/v3/v4, Launches


It's finally starting to be published - my Ultimate PowerShell Video Training Series, covering versions 2 and onward.
This series will initially consist of 90 chunks of roughly 20 minutes each, adding up to more than 30 hours total. I'm building each individual video to CLEARLY differentiate between PowerShell v2, v3, and v4; for the most part, I switch to Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 to demonstrate specifics in each version. That means you can clearly tell what features and techniques go with each version. It also means the series can be extended as new versions are released in the future.
This is going to cover everything - think of it as a "PowerShell In Depth" done in video. And, whatever I forget, if there is anything, can be easily added to the series. In other words, this will be my new, permanent video training for PowerShell. It'll cover every version from v2, be extended to cover new version techniques and features, and be expanded to cover new topics as they become of interest.
It's being built with hands-on labs, too. I describe a lab environment you can set up (super-simple), and provide written lab documents for you to work through. Each is then covered in a standalone video, so that you can see sample solutions.
Best of all, you can watch the whole thing for under $100. CBT Nuggets' program gives you monthly access to their entire library for that price, including my entire PowerShell series, their hundreds of titles related to certification and technology, everything. Or pay $1000 for an entire year - which also gets you access to practice certification exams from Transcender.
I'll be publishing 5-10 videos per week in this series, until it's done - and we'll then be tackling domain-specific PowerShell management, including Exchange, AD, SQL Server, System Center, all of it. It'll take some time to build out all of that, but I'm committed to building the most comprehensive PowerShell video training offering in the universe!
If you get a chance to check out the new series, let me know what you think.

2 Responses to " My New PowerShell Video Series, Covering v2/v3/v4, Launches "

  1. Chris says:

    I was checking this out on cbt nuggets and this looks like an incredible video series that covers everything about powershell.
    Don – you think this would cover everything that “Powershell 3 in a month of lunches” book covers? I’m trying to figure out if I should buy the book or the video series?

  2. Don Jones says:

    The video series does hit all of the topics from that book, and from the Toolmaking book, although the videos and the books take somewhat different approaches. You kinda have to decide if you’re more a reader or a watcher.