Nominate Your PowerShell Hero

Announcements is proud to announce a new community recognition program: PowerShell Heroes. We're looking for your Hero nominations!
A PowerShell Hero is someone who you feel does an outstanding job helping the community, perhaps by answering questions in forums (here or elsewhere), writing useful blog posts, offering education, and more. A PowerShell Hero is someone who has not already received formal recognition elsewhere, meaning past and present MVPs are not eligible. 

We are accepting nominations until December 15th, 2013. At that point, the Board of will review the nominations, and in early 2014 we will announce those we're honoring with this recognition. In subsequent years, past honorees will decide who gets recognized in the following years.
Who can I nominate? Anyone you want, except current or past MVPs, Microsoft employees, Microsoft Regional Directors, or others who have been formally recognized for their community contributions.
How do I nominate them? Send us an e-mail (admin@; our domain is We need the person's name or online handle, and some links to their contributions. Also describe in 100-500 words why they're your PowerShell Hero. Please put "PowerShell Hero" in the subject line of your email.
How many people will be recognized? We don't have a fixed number.
What will honorees receive? Online recognition; we'll be publishing an online directory of Heroes. We're looking into making plaques, but it depends a bit on the finances. There are no other benefits to the honoree.
Must someone re-qualify every year? This isn't like the MVP program - it's a recognition with no benefits. So there's nothing to "qualify" for. In future years, the previous year's honorees will select the next year's honorees, so you're prohibited from being recognized in sequential years.
How can I think of who to nominate? Think about who has helped you with PowerShell problems. Did someone help you solve something through a discussion forum? Did someone's blog post give you that "aha!" moment? Did someone spend a massive amount of time putting together a PowerShell event that really helped you? Those are the heroes we want to recognize. Again, past and present MVP award recipients are not eligible - they've already been recognized.
We look forward to your nominations!

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