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I've been busily working on a new interface for the Scripting Games - we're still planning a Winter Games event - and wanted to share progress. You can click this thumbnail to see the full image.

The new Scripting Games features movable, resizable panels

The new Scripting Games features movable, resizable panes

The new layout features movable, resizable panels, allowing you to position them however works best on your screen. No, they're not especially mobile-friendly.
As you can see (at least in implication), entries can consist of multiple files, as in a complex script module. There's a team-level discussion as well as (as shown) discussion threads for each file. Any player on the team can add new files, delete files, or modify existing files by uploading a replacement. This view shows that I joined the team "Aliens" after the current event had started, which is why I'm unable to contribute new files.
Your team won't be restricted to using the Scripting Games Web site. In fact, you can collaborate and communicate however you like. Use Git or PoshCode for your scripts, and e-mail or a discussion list for communications. It's your choice.
We'll be recruiting a team of Coaches, who will browse whatever you've added to the Scripting Games Web site in advance of the event deadline, offering their own comments - you can see that Coach comments are highlighted for easy recognition. It'll pay to drop code into the Web site every day so our coaches have something to comment upon, and to check in daily for any coach comments that may have been left.
The upcoming Games events will be more complicated - you've got a team to work with, so we figure you can handle an extra challenge. Event scenarios will be authored by a team of community all-star volunteers, including The Scripting Guys and various MVPs and enthusiasts. That should give each scenario a slightly different flavor, exposing you to a wider variety of real-world challenges.
Judging of team entries will involve a more complex scoring rubric than our past 1-to-5-stars technique - giving you a more detailed scorecard. Keep in mind that each team will be able to submit only one combined entry, which will give our judges fewer to look at - and more time to look at each one. The new rubric will still allow judges to express some personal tastes and opinions, so you shouldn't expect to be able to please everyone every time!
Team assembly will allow you to form your own team, or be automatically assigned to a team that needs players (teams MUST have 2 players to participate). We've rigged the system to ask for your time zone, and to display the average time zone offset of potential teams. That way, you can look for a team whose players are geographically close to you, helping to facilitate any real-time collaboration you might set up (via YouTube, Google+, or whatever). If you choose auto-assignment, the system looks for a team whose players are geographically close to you, relatively speaking.
Local user groups are encouraged to form their own team, and to have their own members join - that way, the Scripting Games can be the topic of a monthly meeting or two.
Things are still evolving and under development, but wanted to share this early look!

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