Winter Scripting Games Tentatively Scheduled

Scripting Games

We're tentatively scheduling the 2014 Winter Scripting Games for 4-6 weeks beginning January 6, 2014. Right now, we're running functional tests on the platform (which will be all-new and much-improved), and soliciting scenarios from MVPs and PowerShell celebrities.
As previously announced, players will work in teams of 2-6 in this edition of the Games, and it's never too early to start finding friends to form a team with you. Because you'll be working in teams, and because you'll have a full week to complete each scenario, expect more complex scenarios! You'll have to practice breaking down tasks and assigning them to team members.
You'll also need to think about how you want to collaborate as a team. We'll be providing a very basic private in-Game discussion thread for each team, but you're welcome to use Git, PoshCode, e-mail, MailChimp lists, or whatever for your collaboration. You'll be able to submit your entries' files whenever you like, and revise them to your heart's content right up to the entry submission deadline.

As a tip, I'll strongly suggest setting up a free repository on GitHub. It's very easy to use (free GUI tools are available), it's great for version-controlled collaboration (that's the point of it), and we're going to try and set up a way where the Scripting Games system can automatically retrieve your latest files right from Git. That means, if you're using Git, you wouldn't have to manually copy-and-paste your entries into the Games! Git also offers the ability to create issues (bugs), maintain a project wiki, and more. It's a great system to learn to use.

Even if you're collaborating outside the Games system (which we expect many will do), we encourage you to drop your current files into the Games system every day or so. We'll be recruiting expert Coaches to drop in, see what you're doing, and offer commentary using the in-Games discussion thread for your team.
Scoring will be provided by a panel of expert judges, who will be using multi-item scoring rubrics (which you'll be given as part of your scenario). That means you won't have a 1-to-5-star score, but rather a complete "scorecard" with multiple items, as well as comments from each judge.
Once scoring is complete, you'll be able to see all other teams' entries and scores, judge comments, and so on.
More details are still forthcoming, but we hope you're getting amped up about this next edition of the Scripting Games!

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  1. Durgesh Nakkani says:

    Though I am new to scripting and powershell, I would like to take up the challenge