Did you attend the 2013 PowerShell Summit?

PowerShell Summit

I'm looking to hear from folks who attended the PowerShell Summit North America 2013. Specifically, I'd love to hear what you thought of it. What value did you get? If someone were considering attending in 2014, what advice would you offer them? How should they approach the boss? What did you, personally, "take home" from the Summit in the way of new information or skills?
Drop a comment below. Some comments might be re-published as standalone posts as we try to help people understand what the Summit is all about, and why they might want to attend. Thanks!

One Response to " Did you attend the 2013 PowerShell Summit? "

  1. Craig Martin says:

    Loved the energy and caliber of everybody there (speakers and attendees). I use PowerShell a lot in my job and loved having the opportunity to hear experiences and lessons from others that use it a lot (whether they’re pro’s or not).
    Loved the small venue, which made access to the PowerShell “hero’s” super easy.
    Didn’t like having to chose between tracks. There was overlap of sessions I really wanted to see.
    Would love the short session format again (30 mins per talk).
    I took home a list of things that I needed to investigate and learn.