LEAK: PowerShell Summit NA 2014 Speakers

PowerShell Summit

I got a glance at the "short list" of speakers for the PowerShell Summit North America 2014. While none of these names are guaranteed - these guys haven't even been contacted to confirm - they'll definitely receive an invite in the next few days.
First up, Mike Pfeiffer. This excites me because Mike's a former MVP, and now a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) with Microsoft. He literally wrote the book on managing Exchange Server with PowerShell, and should be a great addition to our new Domain-Specific track.
Next, Steven Murawski. I'm betting he'll be asked to deliver talks on Desired State Configuration (DSC), something he's been playing with intensely at his job. Yeah, production use of DSC.
Ed Wilson's going to be invited. What's a Summit without the Scripting Guy?!?!?
Ashley McGlone, too - another PFE, which gives us some awesome from-the-field experience, especially from large-scale environments where PFEs tend to work. Should be awesome stuff.
I imagine I'll be invited to speak <grin>, along with my often-co-author Jeffery Hicks and PowerShell In Depth co-author Richard Siddaway. Richard's a WMI master, and his talks in 2013 were very well-received. Jeff, of course, is Jeff - it'll be a fun talk or two, whatever they're about.
I saw Adam Driscoll's name on the list (uber-developer with a ton of PowerShell experience), Jason Helmick (I'm hoping he'll do a deeply in-depth talk on PowerShell Web Access, since he's pretty much mastered all the not-documented intricacies of setting it up), and a few more.
Early November should see the schedule finalized. Stay tuned.

4 Responses to " LEAK: PowerShell Summit NA 2014 Speakers "

  1. organicit says:

    fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed!!!

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  3. It’s great to see the usual suspects and the veterans of course, but it would be good to see some new speakers and community leaders coming through the ranks also.

    • Don Jones says:

      Well, they DO have to submit proposed sessions, but the list I posted isn’t all-inclusive. Jason and Jeff say that had an explicit goal of making room for newcomers, provided folks submitted session proposals.