More Summit Speaker Names Leaked

PowerShell Summit

So, I got hold of one of the Summit planning spreadsheets and have the list of speaker names. Now, these folks haven't yet confirmed, so there are obviously possible changes, but here's who'll be invited based on their proposals:

  • <REDACTED> Augh, they caught me! The complete session list isn't yet finalized, and there are a few on the "final cut list" that may not actually physically fit, so stay tuned...

Lotta Jasons in there. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't put Helmick in charge of this again. He appears to be partial. There's also several slots for PowerShell product team members that haven't yet been sorted; they may come in a bit closer to the show, once the team has a better grip on their short-term work schedule.
That's about 63 sessions total. Wow. We're planning to run continuous sessions from 9am to noon, and then from 1pm to 5pm every day, spread across three tracks. There'll also be welcome address at 8:15am Monday morning.
Please - tell a colleague. Help us get the word out, because this is going to be amazing. 

One Response to " More Summit Speaker Names Leaked "

  1. Keep your hands off the top secret stuff Boss! We will be sending out the agreements in the couple of days!