Seeking Coaches and Judges for the Winter Scripting Games

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We’re now seeking volunteer Coaches and Judges for the Winter Scripting Games!
The Games are tentatively scheduled to run for 4-6 weeks starting January 6th, 2014. There will be 4-6 events, each lasting one week.


Coaches have access to all teams’ entries and private discussion threads for the week while entries are being developed and accepted. Coaches are meant to log in throughout that one-week period, evaluate what teams have submitted so far, and offer comments and advice in the in-Game discussion thread.
Coaches’ comments receive a special flag, helping teams focus on them quickly. Note that teams are not required to use the in-Game discussion thread – they can discuss via email or elsewhere. Teams are also not required to continually submit entry files for coach review, so for some teams, coaches will have nothing to offer.
Team discussions are private to the team members and coaches; discussions will not be made public.
We’ll accept as many coaches as want to participate. Note that you cannot be both a coach and a judge, and coaches are not permitted to participate on a team as a player.


We will accept a small panel of judges. After the event concludes, you’ll have several days to review all team entries. You’ll complete a scorecard as shown, and offer any comments that justify your scoring.
Scorecards may have anything from just a few scoring items to more than a dozen; each scoring item corresponds to a requirement in the event scenario. Keep in mind that teams contain from 2-6 players, and there’s only one event per team, so there will be fewer overall entries than in past years. Entries may, however, consist of multiple files. Some scenarios may ask teams to run their scripts, capture a transcript, and include the transcript in the entry – in those cases, judges will be able to see entries’ output without running the scripts themselves.
We will provide judges the ability to download all event entries for all teams via a single ZIP file. That will enable offline review, if desired; you can then log in to submit your scorecards for each team.
Judge scores and comments, along with the judges’ names, will be made public after scoring concludes.
Judges cannot participate as either players or coaches.

Want to Volunteer?

If you’d like to volunteer, sign up for the appropriate (coach or judge) mailing list. Note that we will only be accepting a limited number of judges, so not everyone who volunteers may be selected. However, please do not sign up for both lists. You need to pick one. If you volunteer to be a judge but aren’t selected, you can go back later and sign up for the coach list.
Signing up at this stage is not a commitment  – you’re just expressing an interest. We’ll provide more information closer-in, and you can always opt-out prior to the start of the Games.

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