Speaker agreements for the N.A. PowerShell Summit have been sent!

Before Don pokes his head in to the secret list and starts leaking names again, we will be officially announcing the speaker lineup and agenda as soon as we receive signed agreements back.

We were overwhelmed with session titles and abstracts, many more than we anticipated – thank you ALL for actively participating and offering to speak at the PowerShell summit. I think when you see the final list, you will find a great balance of Microsoft Team members, MVP’s, Guru’s and non-MVP’s – all joining together for a great PowerShell summit.

Make sure to follow the latest news and information about the summit both here and on Twitter: #PSHSummit

If you didn’t get selected:

It’s not because we didn’t want to have you. The selection committee had a very hard time – spending days and sometimes several hours into the late night (ok, at a bar) attempting to determine the best sessions for the largest audience. This was a very difficult task as all of you sent in great session ideas.

If you did submit a session but have not received a speaking agreement, we may still call upon you to speak. Over the next couple of weeks, if there are selected speakers that can’t make it to the summit, we have you on a waiting list and will contact you.

If you have been selected:

We have a small collection of specially priced hotel rooms for the speakers that are providing 2 or more sessions. If you only have one session listed on your agreement, we may have a few of these hotel rooms still available. We won’t know for a week or so, but if we do, you can purchase a hotel room at the same discount that PowerShell.Org is paying. There won’t be many left, so when we send you an email, respond fast and I’ll call you to get credit card information.

So, any names you will leak?

No – not till we have signed agreements – and I’m keeping those safely hidden from Don.

When will you post the Agenda?

We are trying to get the agenda posted by November 1st, but it may take a few extra days to receive all the agreements. Keep checking here and #PSHSummit for the latest news.

Planning on attending the North American PowerShell Summit?

You might want to start getting your tickets now before the holiday rush. Last year we sold out before Christmas and many people didn’t get to come. We have a slightly larger capacity this year, but don’t wait till the last minute. That reminds me – I have to get my ticket too.

See you at the North American PowerShell Summit!



About Jason Helmick

Jason is a 30-year IT veteran and PM on the @PowerShell_Team @Microsoft. He’s an avid supporter of the PowerShell/DevOps community and former founder and CFO of PowerShell.Org. He is also a former MVP award recipient and focuses on automation and configuration management. He has authored and co-authored several books on PowerShell, MS Exchange and IIS and including related discussions on the Microsoft Virtual Academy, Lynda and Pluralsight.