2014 Winter Scripting Games: Team Formation Tips

As you should know by now, the 2014 Winter Scripting Games will be a team event. That means the events are more complex than in the past, and will require the efforts of 2-6 person teams.

The Scripting Games Web site gives you the option to:

  • Auto-join a team. You’ll be put on a team whose members are as geographically close to you (by time zone) as possible, to facilitate collaboration.
  • Join a team of your choice. You’ll be shown the average team member timezone offset, so that you can select a team whose members are on roughly the same schedule as you.
  • Create a team. You’ll be able to invite people to join your team, using whatever social media or communications you prefer (that’s done on your own; the system doesn’t do it for you).

Once your team is assembled and an event begins, you’ll be able to use the Scripting Games Web site to meet your team members and exchange e-mail addresses; each event features a team discussion thread that you can use for this purpose.

It’s possible to participate in the Games using nothing more than the Scripting Games Web site. The system allows multiple-file submissions, and allows you and your team to add, delete, and revise files at any time (up to the entry deadline, of course). A private chat thread (which will also be used by Coaches) lets you collaborate.

However, the Web site’s collaboration is deliberately primitive. We encourage teams to make use of the far superior collaboration tools elsewhere: GitHub, PoshCode.org, IRC, e-mail, TFS, Google Docs, SkyDrive, DropBox, SharePoint and more are all options. Your team will decide how you want to handle things.

TIP: Make sure you’re periodically (like, daily) dropping your team’s latest efforts into the Scripting Games Web site. That way, our Coaches can see what you’re up to and offer commentary.

We encourage you to start talking to potential teammates NOW, so that you can have a plan put together ahead of time. That will enable you to jump right into the first event and be successful.

Don’t know anyone to be on a team with? Start using social media! Twitter is a great option; we suggest using hashtag #PowerShell as well as #PshGames to recruit team members. You can have pre-Games discussions in the Scripting Games Forum right here on PowerShell.org, too, or communicate via e-mail, Twitter, or whatever you like. Remember, you must have at least a 2-person team in order to participate!