2014 Winter Scripting Games: The Event Authors

We’re now announcing the authors and scenario names for our four (plus on practice) events in the upcoming 2014 Winter Games!

  • Our Practice Event was authored by MVP Richard Siddaway, who is also serving as Games Master for these Games.
  • Event 1 is entitled Pairs, and was authored by none other than Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson.
  • Event 2, entitled Security Footprint, will be brought to you by Windows PowerShell team member Lee Holmes.
  • Event 3, entitled Acl, Cacl, Toil and Trouble was created by MVP Jeff Wouters.
  • Event 4, entitled Monitoring Support, was also authored by Richard Siddaway.

As you can see, we have a huge variety, including a great deal of international support, in this year’s events. I can promise you that they’re complex. You will absolutely need the assistance of a team member or two to chug through these, and the scenarios definitely encourage modular development, meaning you can potentially divvy up the work in order to get it all done in the week allowed. Frankly, whether you win or not, a high score in this year’s Games really points to you being a strong PowerShell scripter and team player!