Introducing the Coaches of the 2014 Winter Scripting Games

A few weeks ago, just before the announcement to start recruiting your team for the 2014 Winter Scripting Games, I was contacted by Don Jones and Richard Siddaway about an opportunity to become the Head Coach for the Winter Scripting Games. I was honored to have been contacted and I’m a firm believer of taking advantage of opportunities when they emerge, especially when they’re PowerShell related, so I graciously accepted.

One of my first responsibilities was to recruit a small team of coaches. I immediately went to work before potential coaches committed themselves to participating on teams. We had a huge number of people in the PowerShell community who had volunteered to be a coach and while we would have liked to have selected everyone who volunteered, we only had a specific number of positions to fill. Without further ado, here is the list of the coaches for the 2014 Winter Scripting Games:

Name Twitter
Boe Prox @proxb
Carlo Mancini @sysadm2010
Claus Nielsen @claustn
Emin Atac @p0w3rsh3ll
Jan Egil Ring @JanEgilRing
Jeff Wouters @JeffWouters
Jonathan Medd @jonathanmedd
Lido Paglia @nicemarmot
Matt Hitchcock @hitchysg
Rob Campbell @mjolinor
Rohn Edwards @magicrohn
Sahal Omer @GetExchange
Steve Murawski @StevenMurawski

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