Winter Scripting Games 2014: The Events

Here’s the lineup!

You’ll notice a small gap between the end of the Practice Event and the start of our first event, named “Pairs.” That gap is taken up by a fake judging period – don’t expect scores on your Practice entries, but we’re going to use that period to test the judging system. You may indeed receive scores, but they’ll be deleted before judging begins on Pairs.

During that judging period is also when we’ll be adding and testing leaderboards, score displays, and the ability for teams to view their scorecards. Just be aware that none of that functionality exists at present (or is untested); we’re waiting to finalize it when there are entries (practice ones) in the system. Your patience with that is appreciated!

Note that all times are UTC (yes, we will keep saying that a lot), so you’ll have to adjust for your local time zone. The Web site will not do that adjustment for you. The Web site will always show you what time the server thinks it is (in UTC); its word is final.

Scripting Games Winter 2014 Events