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PowerShell Tip #2 from the Winner of the Advanced Category in the 2013 Scripting Games

Tip #2 - Comment (Document) your code!

This is another one of those tips that probably isn't very popular, but regardless of how good you are at writing PowerShell scripts and functions, they're useless if no one else can figure out how to use them. You might be thinking that you're the only one who uses the PowerShell code that you write, but I'm sure that you like to go on vacation just like the rest of us and none of us are going to live forever.

In my tip #1 blog you learned that you need to "Read the Help!". This tip builds on the first one because it allows others to "Read the Help!" for the PowerShell code that you write.

The type of help that you want to provide for your PowerShell functions and scripts is "Comment Based Help". Click here to be redirected to the original post of this article on the author’s blog site where you can read the remainder of the article.


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