PowerShell Summit North America 2014 – Some More Reasons to Register!

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PowerShell Summit North America Registration is in full swing, and we've got about 50 more spots to reach our break-even goal. Hopefully, those of you that have been holding off for budgetary reasons are now "weapons free" and can plan to join us in April 2014!

Confirmed PowerShell Product Team Presenters

We've confirmed a great set of speakers from the team itself, including Jason Shirk, Lee Holmes, Kenneth Hanson, and Hemant Manhawar. Of course, Shell Father Jeffrey Snover will also be presenting a couple of sessions!
This helps really round out our agenda, along with several special events that we've got planned. You'll participate in a large-scale Iron Scripter event, mix and mingle with team members in Microsoft's "top of the world" cafe in downtown Bellevue, and rub elbows with PowerShell experts from all over the world during our pre-event mixer.


We're going to provide a free voucher for a VERIFIED EFFECTIVE PowerShell Toolmaker exam to everyone who's already registered, and to everyone who registers before the end of January. This is a $250 value, and you'll be able to take your exam after the Summit is over. VERIFIED EFFECTIVE recognition will be valid for one year. Vouchers will be distributed at the Summit itself, and must be used by the end of June, 2014.

Join AWPP for 10% Off

Effective July 2014, we will be launching the Association for PowerShell Professionals (AWPP). Future Summit events will be open only to AWPP members (your member fee includes Summit attendance, along with other benefits). Anyone who has registered for the 2014 Summit already, or who registers before the end of January 2014, will receive 10% off their first-year AWPP membership, which will also guarantee you admission to the 2015 Summit. That discount will be valid throughout 2014, so you can join at any time during the year. Vouchers will be distributed at the Summit. Your AWPP membership also includes a VERIFIED EFFECTIVE exam, which you can use anytime in your membership year. That means you could easily get verified for two years in a row, at a massive savings.

Save Some Cash on the Summit

It's sad, but credit card merchant fees pile up. For the Summit, they can be a lot. So if you'd like to pay by company check, we're happy to help. Just contact treasurer@ this domain, and we'll be happy to send you an invoice and accept your payment via check. That'll save you a few bucks.
Don't forget that we've also negotiated killer $109/night room rates at two hotels that are just a short walk from the Summit venue. We've also worked out a discounted rate on an airport shuttle from Sea-Tac, so you won't need a rental car. We're doing as much as we can to help minimize your costs.

Please, Tell a Friend

If you can't attend the Summit, or if you plan to attend, or even if you've already registered - please help us get the word out. We really do need 50 more folks in order to break even, and we need them to help us use up our hotel room block as well, or the organization will be on the hook for those costs. It's crucial that we break even on this event if we're to have more in the future. We don't have a marketing budget, so the more you can do to help folks realize that the Summit exists, the better our chances for succeeding. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Dave Wyatt says:

    I’m still nagging my boss on this one… we’ll see what happens. 🙂

  2. Where will this event be?