Registration and Team Formation NOW AVAILABLE for The Scripting Games – 2014 Winter

The headline says it all: Go sign up, folks.

If you’ve already been in the system creating teams, you’re going to have to start over. We tried to be clear on when team formation would start, and we just didn’t have the ability to lock out all you eager beavers as we brought the system online. So if you’re reading this, it’s all been reset. Have at it.

Login is via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+. We haven’t allowed Windows Live ID because for some reason their system insists on giving us access to your Contacts, and we don’t want that responsibility. If you click the LOGIN button and nothing pops up, your network is blocking access to the domain (they provide the social login service). You’ll need to fix that.

Note that we are not storing a password for you. Your authentication comes from whichever social site you choose. You will need to use the same one every time, or you’ll look like a different person to the Web site. Remember which one you use – we cannot “fix” things for you if you forget.

Once signed in, click on the Winter game, and then join a team. If you elect to create a new team, it will be assigned a default team name; any team member can change that at any time. Share your team name with prospective teammates, so you can recruit!

NOTES: We will not remove someone from a team unless they are out-and-out not participating any longer. You must have at least two team members or you will not be able to participate. We do support private teams – you can switch your team to “private mode” and you’ll be given an invite code. You can distribute that to prospective team members and they can use it to join the team (up to the team limit of 6 players).

Unless you’ve recruited teammates in advance, you will not be able to communicate with them until the first event starts allowing entries (Jan 19th). At that point, you’ll be able to enter the collaboration space and start exchanging messages using the in-Game discussion function. You can exchange e-mails or whatever from there, and continue your discussion however you like.

The in-Game discussion mechanism will not send you emails when someone posts. It is your responsibility to check-in. We are not collecting e-mail addresses from anyone, and therefore cannot communicate with you via e-mail. The Games Web site will not contact you via any means, for any reason.