Revisited: Script Modules and Variable Scopes

Last week, I demonstrated that functions exported from Script Modules do not inherit their caller’s variable scopes, and how you could get around this by using the method $PSCmdlet.GetVariableValue().

It didn’t take me long to decide it was very tedious to include this type of code in every function, particularly when considering the number of preference variables that PowerShell has. (Check out about_Preference_Variables some time; there are quite a few.) I’ve just converted this approach into a function that can be called with a single line, and supports all PowerShell preference variables. For example, the Test-ScriptModuleFunction from the original post can be written as:

You can download the Get-CallerPreference function from the TechNet Gallery. It has been tested on PowerShell 2.0 and 4.0.

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