Scripting Games Winter 2014 – Practice Event Rules

Scripting Games

On Monday, our practice event should be open at
If you formed a team but only have one player on Monday morning, you will not be able to submit entries. I've noticed several folks who have only a single player but who have set their team membership to "private," meaning nobody can join you unless you provide them with your invitation code.
Your team must have 2-6 players to participate in the Games. You may consider leaving your team (it'll be deleted if you're the last player in it) and joining one of the public teams. Once you join a new team, you will not be able to fully participate until the current, in-progress event is over and the next event begins.
Please keep this in mind. In order to participate in the participate in the Practice Event, you must have at least 2 players on-team by the time the event starts. Late joiners will NOT be able to participate. So settle up your team memberships this weekend!

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