Scripting Games Winter 2014 – Practice Event

If you’ve logged into the Scripting Games site, joined a team, and seen the schedule, then you know that a practice event will be starting in a few days.

It is very important that you participate in the practice event. You won’t be scored and it won’t count in any way except one: it’ll make sure the system is bug-free when the real events begin!

<BLINK>You will not be able to upload entries to the practice event unless your team has at least 2 players. Single-person teams are subject to deletion on January 17th, before the first main event kicks off.</BLINK>

What’s important is that you make sure you can:

  • download the event instructions and submit event files.
  • communicate with your team via the in-Games discussion function.
  • delete files and upload replacements.

That’s the core functionality you’ll need to participate in the Games, so we want to make sure it functions.

Use The Scripting Games’ forum to report problems. To make that as efficient as possible:

  • Try to make sure nobody else has reported the same problem. Duplicates will make us waste time processing them all.
  • Don’t “+1” if you’re having the same problem. You don’t need to comment on an existing bug report unless you have additional data to offer. We don’t need to know 100 people are experiencing the problem; if one person is, that’s enough to make us want to fix it.
  • Try other browsers, and try other networks – you’d be surprised what a corporate proxy server can break, and most of us aren’t behind your proxy, so we couldn’t test there. We’re happy to try and fix those kinds of problems, but we need your help to determine if that is in fact the problem.
  • We’re happy to take suggestions, but put SUGGESTION in the title of your forum post, so we can triage appropriately. Bugs take precedence.

Get ready! Check the Web site schedule to see when the practice event starts, and remember that all times are UTC.

Also, official Games announcements will be made only via this topic, so be sure you’re reading that daily. We don’t have any other means of communicating, so it’s up to you to check in for the latest news. It does support RSS, so if you want to do something fancy with IFTT or something, go nuts.