Scripting Games Winter 2014 – Team Discussion Tips

Scripting Games

When you're logged into the Games, you'll notice that clicking on your team pulls up a "team discussion" box. That's a shared discussion area for you and your team.
However, if you click on one of the files you've uploaded, you'll see the discussion turn into a "File Discussion." We retain a separate thread for each file you upload, so that you and your team can discuss that file specifically.
Deleting a file also deletes its conversation thread. However, replaceing a file retains the thread.
Note that coaches may add commentary to any of these, so it's worth your while to quickly click on each file and see if there are comments available.
And of course, your team doesn't HAVE to use these discussion threads. You're also welcome to use email, Skype, smoke signals, or telepathy. Your choice. Keep in mind that our coaches will use these to offer comments on any files you've added.
Speaking of that: Coaches are not notified when you upload files. That means our coaches are just wondering around looking for files to comment upon. So it's in your interests, if you want their feedback, to get something in the system!

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