Winter Scripting Games Team Formation in Full Swing

Scripting Games

It looks like Team Formation is in full swing, with more than a dozen teams already registered for The Scripting Games: Winter 2014.
Some team tips:

  • If you create a new team, we're assigning it a default team name. You can immediately change that.
  • Teams start as public, but we're allowing you to make them private. This removed the team from the "join up" list, and gives you an invite code. You can distribute that invite to anyone you wish to join your team, and they can use it to sign up.
  • The public team list shows a time zone offset. This is kind of the average number of minutes between you and the other people on the team. So basically, lower numbers means you're all closer to the same time zone. You don't necessarily NEED to be close; it depends on how you all plan to collaborate.

Right now, we have about a half-dozen public teams that you can join if you'd like to participate in the Games. Remember, a team must have at least 2 players in order to participate.
I'm loving some of the team names, like Excessive Use of -Force and Troll Bait. I know several local user groups are forming teams as well, and encouraging their members to join. You're welcome to use email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even standing outside and screaming as ways of recruiting members to your team.
The practice event starts Jan 6. Please pay attention to's home page for late-breaking announcements - if we have a problem, we'll post there to let you know.
Good luck!

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