MY 2014 Public POWERCLASS is Now Open for Registration


I'm going to be running a 3-day POWERCLASS April 2, 3, and 4 near Raleigh-Durham, NC! You can get full details on my company's website, including pricing and class descriptions.
Don't leave near Raleigh-Durham? Well, it's a fun place, and not that expensive to visit. More importantly, I'm not going to be doing a huge road-show and visiting a bunch of cities. Right now, my schedule is almost full through September, so this may well be the only public class I do in 2014. It might therefore be worth your while to take a short trip!
The class will be VERY limited in size - just 16 students, max, and I'll be happy with a bunch fewer. This is a hardcore class. We're going to assume you've conquered the basics of Windows PowerShell and that you're looking to implement best practices, start using PowerShell for real production tasks, and learn more about PowerShell performance and troubleshooting. It's a "bring your own laptop" hands-on class, too, so you'll get tons of hands-on time with an instructor who really cares about what you learn.
This is all-new material, and you won't find it anyplace else. It's applicable to v2 through v4, although some things - we WILL be covering DSC, for example - only apply to specific versions (and you'll learn which is which as we go).
It's the best PowerShell class I could come up with - I hope you'll join me.

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