Scripting Games event 1 close

Scripting Games

Event 1 is over and the judging is complete.
First off congratulations to every team that posted an entry - the events in these games are different and we've tried to up the challenge level to account for it being a team based.
The high scorers for event 1 are:
1.Troll Bait with 22 points
2.Kitton Mittons with 22 points
3.Aliens with 20 points
4.PhillyPosh with 20 points
5.Thanks4TheInvite with 17 points
6.TecHaH with 17 points
7.Bengals with 17 points
8.TPUG THUGS with 16 points
9.DuPSOGD2 with 16 points
10.Hogans Heroes with 16 points
Congratulations to them.
Good luck to everyone with the remaining events

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