Winter Scripting Games 2014 – Clarifications on Rules and Clarifications

As a note, because we’ve had a couple of requests, there are two things to remember about The Scripting Games.

Clarifications on Event Wording

Event authors, judges, and other officials are prohibited from providing further explanations or clarifications on the event scenarios. You’ll have to go on what’s in the document. if it isn’t clear, then they probably don’t care about it in terms of judging. Try to document – in your comment-based help – what you did and why, and cross your fingers.

The reason for this is that not everyone is reading these posts or the Scripting Games forum. Therefore, any response would not be seen by all competitors and would therefore un-level the playing field.

We’re a lot more interested in seeing you code creatively, consistently, and in accordance with best practices. So don’t sweat the little details.

Rebuttal to the Judges

Judges are not going to respond to requests like, “why did you judge our entry in such-and-such a way?” Judges’ scores are final, and cannot be changed. As in all competitions, everywhere, always, judges sometimes make a mistake or two. It happens. It’s also possible that a judge didn’t like theĀ way in which you did something, and that’s why you lost a point or something. Regardless, we’re extremely appreciative of the judges’ time, and we’re not going to ask them to get in online arguments with people.

On the other hand, you’re more than welcome to solicit peer feedback on your entry. If the world agrees that the judge done you wrong, then you’ll regain your sacred honor and feel better. Or, perhaps peer feedback will grant you some new perspective.