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Episode 262 - PowerScripting Podcast - Scott Muc on Testing with Pester

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell. Listen:

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Scott Muc about Pester



Guest - Scott Muc



Chatroom Highlights:

[22:49:25] <mwrock> I did one and it was hard

<Jaykul> ## When will it get a psd1?

<stevenmurawski> ##Why is unit testing important for scripts?

<stevenmurawski> ##What benefits do we get from writing tests?

<stevenmurawski> ##How does TDD play into the equation?  Is that feasible with scripts?

<adamdriscoll2> ##I'm curious diffs between pester and psate. I integrated both in PoshTools and see a lot of similarities.

<organicit> ## are there any youtube video tutorials for Pester


<Jaykul> 200MB free, and you can get more by, uhhhh ... sharing on facebook

<Jaykul> FYI: I am *not* endorsing NetZero. You should also try

<Jaykul> Hey halr9000: /topic #PowerScriptingPodcast

* halr9000 changes topic to:



<Jaykul> Dave_Wyatt: 😉



<stevenmurawski> Another good resource is Working Effectively With Legacy Code by Michael Feathers.  Good discussion of where to create seams for testing.


<stevenmurawski> Example of a resource

<stevenmurawski> Example of tests for a resource









<JonWalz> did you see this?

The Question -

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