Food! Getting Ready for PowerShell Summit North America 2014

As you get ready to attend PowerShell Summit North America 2014, start looking forward to the amazing meals and evening events that we have planned!

Yeah, the amazing technical content, too. But, food!

The Attendee Guide¬†outlines our three days of breakfasts and lunches (four days if you’re attending the pre-con session), as well as our two big evening events. We’re laying on quite the spread, so that our IRON SCRIPTER contest is FUN, and that our Product Team Mix ‘n’ Mingle is INFORMATIVE. And fun. We’ve also got morning and afternoon snack breaks scheduled to keep you refreshed and recharged.

If you have any dietary requirements, be sure to contact us ASAP to let us know. Make sure you get a reply, because otherwise we didn’t get your message.